3 Personal Injury Lawsuits Which Made History!

3 Personal Injury Lawsuits Which Made History!

There are many instances when a person can physically and financially suffer as a result of injuries from the manufacturing of defunct products, loss of income from debilitating road accidents, and food vendor negligence. Below, we outline three infamous personal injury cases that have made history!

#1 – Gladys Escola (Hand injury from a manufactured defunct product)

In 1944, Gladys Escola suffered a severe hand injury resulting from an exploding Coca-Cola glass bottle. Her injuries included burst blood vessels and damaged nerves in her hand. The Supreme Court of California ruled in her favor. An improved law of Strict Liability on manufacturing companies in terms of the negligence of safety testing procedures came into effect in 1963.

#2 – Gloria Estefan (Back injury from road accident involving a truck)

In March 1990, Gloria was involved in a serious bus accident as a result of a truck plowing into her stationary tour bus. She broke her back and had to cancel her tours for a year,  therefore, resulting in a lack of income. After filing a lawsuit against the trucking company, Gloria and her tour team members were awarded 8.5 million dollars.

#3 – Stella Liebeck (3rd-degree burns injury from food vendor negligence)

In 1992, Stella Liebeck suffered from 3rd-degree burns after handling a boiling cup of coffee purchased from a McDonald’s Drive-Through. Stella took the famous food vendor to the court which then went to trial.

The evidence presented at trial included that the normal temperature for a cup of coffee was about 135-degrees. McDonald’s hot coffee measured a whopping 185-degree temperature which would result in instant 3rd-degree burns.

It was also revealed that McDonald’s had ignored well over 700 complaints from customers of burn injuries from hot beverages. Eventually, she was awarded $500 000 in damages. This case prompted improved consumer protection laws relating to food vendor negligence.

Cases of personal injury mostly rule in favor of the plaintiff due to severe repercussions of debilitating circumstances such as those mentioned above. There will always be cases warranting legislature improvements. May these improvements continue!

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