Not Enough Homeowners Are Aware of Construction Defect Laws

Not Enough Homeowners Are Aware of Construction Defect Laws

Being a homeowner takes more than paying the mortgage and utilities each month, but knowing what is really going on with the structure and foundation of your home. If there is ever a constructional defect within your home, there are attorneys that work specifically with clients who are experiencing troubles with their homes and the construction professionals.

If you are to ever come across a construction defect inside of your home, the best first step is to contact a construction defect attorney or lawyer to walk you through the steps to taking care of the said defect(s).

Before contacting an attorney, however, one must be able to identify said construction defect(s). Common construction defects include problems such as a damaged roof, cracks that can be found anywhere in or on the home, mold, dry rot, blocked drainage, water issues, and defects within the electrical and heating/cooling systems.

Unfortunately, poor workmanship can be one of the main reasons that a home would experience and suffer from a construction defect. There are other causes that include things such as defective materials used to build, a poor selection of a site to build on, poor planning and preparation and so on. These said construction defects can be cause for a case of action to be taken against the home’s builders. Any failure within the home can be taken to a lawyer to be reviewed and claimed as a construction defect that can assist you in getting compensation in return.

Having a construction defect within your home is not something that will help you in any way due to the fact that it actually brings a decrease of value upon your home. However, if and when the defect has been compensated and repaired, the value of your home should increase to the original value or the value it should have been before the defect.

After observing the construction defect and contacting an attorney, he/she will first assess whether or not there is a case to be taken to court. The most important case that can be made and proven in court is if the value of your home has actually decreased. Depending on where you live, some states contain different laws but the case will usually favor the homeowner in the lawsuit if the assumptions are proven.

No matter the state, if there is a bodily injury sustained from any defect, there will compensation for that almost every time if it can proven that the default is the cause of injury. When filing a lawsuit for these construction defects and the case is proved in the homeowners’ favor, it is possible for the homeowner to receive compensation for the lack of ability to use the property whilst it is being repaired, costs for filing the lawsuit and all court costs, and even for having to pay for temporary housing.

For the construction defect to be proven in court that it is the home builders’ fault, it comes down to the severity of the defect and whether or not it is an obvious mistake made by the home builders’. It would be a different case if the defects found were older and unnoticed immediately. If the construction defect has been observed and is not obvious enough to be assumed as a recent mistake will bring upon an investigation done by a specialist in home construction to determine whether or no the defect is of the home builders’ fault and what it would take to repair the damages.

If a defect is detected, it is important to make note of it and act on it immediately so that there are no complications when attempting to file a lawsuit. We cannot overstate how important it is to contact an experienced California construction defect lawyer as soon as possible because different states have different laws and caveats regarding construction defects.

Final Word

If you are ever to come across a defect within your home, take action immediately so that you can properly hand the lawsuit within a reasonable time period and find the fault of the defect. Being a homeowner takes responsibility and a little bit of knowledge and awareness about construction defect laws that can save you in the long run with money and the safety of your household.

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